At MGA, we’re much more than your tax and accounting advisors. We’re your strategic partners, working side by side with you, every step of the way. To help your business grow, your MGA team digs deep into your organization to better understand your needs, determining which specific services would help you thrive. Highly experienced in accounting, financial advising, and business strategy, we have the right solutions for your specific problems. We are proactive, always thinking ahead to make sure your business is on sound footing, today, tomorrow and far into the future. At MGA, we make the complex simple.

As highly trained business consultants, we like to solve your problems as we search for innovative options and strategic recommendations. We also understand that technology is changing many things in well-established organizations. At times, leadership needs to have professional counsel with the perspective of their business over the long-haul.

What types of problems should you call us to help you solve?

  • Of course, there are tax issues. If you are thinking of buying a company or merging with another, think beyond just the due diligence and the business opportunities. Work with us to make sure you are setting up the new company so it does not generate unexpected tax consequences.
  • Maybe you need financial planning for your business and are not sure where you should get the right solution.
  • How about your global workforce? What are the tax issues you might be ignoring that should be top on your tax planning list?
  • Another frequent area of concern is business strategy. At times, a company’s leadership can see the changes taking place all around them but are unclear how to redirect their strategy to take advantage of the changes. We can help.
  • Another complex problem is how to manage growth without engaging in extensive costs. How can a company use outsourced solutions or insourced resources to optimize their flexibility and grow profitably?

We like to take your complex problems and help you find the best, simplest way to solve them. If you have a problem to solve, let’s talk.

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