Many people go out looking for a new tax advisor because they feel their current CPA doesn’t provide sufficient help with tax strategy. They feel their current CPA is looking backward without giving them any insight into what they will owe in taxes or ideas on how to mitigate the tax burden. MGA is like you — we don’t like surprises, especially when it comes to taxes due.

We view the tax return as just a report card of how you did last year. There should be no surprises when the return is filed and the tax due is computed. We work with our clients throughout the year to help them evaluate the choices to make that will impact their tax return. We do year-end analysis and planning with our clients to take advantage of opportunities they have available that will impact their tax. Telling a client on April 10th that they have a big tax bill due in five days is not the way we work! The clients that choose to work with us on tax planning know in December what they will owe in April.

When it comes to tax planning, we never want to lose sight of the forest for the trees, which is maximizing your wealth. So, we always balance the cost of a tax strategy against the value that strategy brings. If it costs a dollar to save 75 cents in tax, we will tell you to pay the tax. We help clients make smart business decisions.

The question comes up a lot as to who do we help? Who is our typical client? While this question doesn’t have a simple answer, it generally fits the following description.

  • Business Clients. Our typical client generally has between $5 and $100 million in gross revenue each year. The client that we can assist and provide the most value to is a company that has this level of income and has the ability to make decisions that can impact their tax situation. A company that is growing and needs strategy and assistance in getting to the next level. We also work with clients in setting up the appropriate tax structure for their next business venture. We want to help clients from start to finish in the lifecycle of their business. It’s not about where you have been but about where you are going — and MGA will be there to help you achieve your goals and objectives along the way.
  • Individuals. We work with high net worth clients who have a personal tax return that includes more than a W-2 and some itemized deductions. Most individual returns don’t provide many opportunities for tax planning strategies outside of charitable planning. However, the client we generally work with is one that has numerous partnerships and other investments, a need for assistance in long-term estate planning with respect to taxes, and the owner of the businesses that we provide tax work for.

While Congress and the IRS make everything complex, you can rest assured that we are keeping up with the ever-changing tax laws. Click here to read more about the new tax legislation so that you can make well-informed and smart decisions for you and your business.

With the uncertainty of changing tax laws, MGA has the experts and experience to act quickly. Our team is ready to help you with tax planning, preparation, and compliance. Let's not wait until tax season. We're ready when you are.