Clients work with MGA on their audits, quality control, and assistance with compliance. We give them confidence that their policies and procedures are operating appropriately. We offer a full range of assurance services.

What is a compliance audit? Think of this as a highly detailed review of how well you are following regulatory guidelines; how well prepared you are with your security policies; how well you are handling your risk management procedures; and what types of things are you not paying attention to so you can avoid a tax audit.

More specifically, we often work with clients to help them find:

  • The hidden risks of employee benefit plans, and why you should consider an audit – soon!
  • Important ways to avoid a tax audit.
  • The right policies and procedures to put in place for managing a growing staff. And, to make sure they are compliant.

But each industry has its areas of risk and compliance. For example:

For healthcare clients, they must be sure that the HIPAA requirements are being followed and all the personal health information is secure. Companies that have credit card payments need to ensure that there is an audit trail in place and their data is secure. Others need to make sure that their systems are secure and there is appropriate back up with disaster recovery in place.

Perhaps you need help drafting financial statements and ensuring quality control on those financial statements? Or are considering an initial public offering? Then it is certainly time for that audit.

As you can see every business should be concerned about the rigor with which they adhere to their systems, and how well they understand compliance audit objectives, and how they respond to their compliance audit report.

Perhaps we can be of help to you.

  • Audits, reviews, compilations of financial statements
  • Audits of employees benefit plans
  • Agreed upon procedures
  • Financial forecasts or projections
  • Reporting on pro-forma information
  • Reporting package audits
  • Drafting of financial statements
  • Quality control check of financial statements
  • Accounting research
  • Assistance with tax accruals or uncertain tax positions
  • Assistance with annual impairment testing
  • Drafting or review of Management Discussion & Analysis
  • Assistance with initial public offering
  • Personal financial statement preparation
  • Your problem to solve