Our assurance team at MGA can provide numerous benefits to business owners and their companies. We can help uncover errors in their financial statements, identify weaknesses in their internal controls, and provide confidence in their financial reporting. We have the experience and expertise needed to help our clients feel confident and secure in their operations.

Of course, we offer audits, reviews, and compilations of financial statements, but at MGA, we like to create a unique approach for the specific needs of each of our clients. Here are a few examples of how we can support organizations with our full range of assurance services.

  • Benefit Plan Audits. Auditing employee benefit plans like 401(k)s can be complex and time-consuming. We not only execute these audits but serve as partners in planning, making the process more manageable.
  • Accounting Research. Many business owners utilize our assurance team as their trusted resource for one-off accounting research projects. One example is the constant release of new accounting standards. By providing the intricate details to our clients, we can help them make sure they have an implementation plan and suitable system in place that will meet the new requirements.
  • Personal Financial Statement Preparation. Whether needed for tax planning, estate planning, or retirement, we prepare personal financial statements that are comprehensive yet easy to understand.
  • Construction Audits. Construction projects can often become complex and costly. We collaborate with your internal project management team and the general contractor to scrutinize construction costs, ensuring they are in line with contract stipulations and helping you avoid potential overcharges or fraud.

At MGA, we genuinely dig deep to understand your particular business and operations. By doing so, we can create an assurance approach tailored to your specific needs. What are the challenges that you and your company are currently facing? Perhaps we can be of help to you.