Our assurance team at MGA can provide numerous benefits to business owners and their companies. We can help uncover errors in their financial statements, identify weaknesses in their internal controls, and provide confidence in their financial reporting. We have the experience and expertise needed to help our clients feel confident and secure in their operations.

Of course, we offer audits, reviews, and compilations of financial statements, but at MGA, we like to create a unique approach for the specific needs of each of our clients. Here are a few examples of how we can support organizations with our full range of assurance services.

  • Benefit Plan Audits. While many employee benefit plans may require an audit, a 401(k) plan and health and welfare plan are two of the most common. An audit of a benefit plan can be a time-consuming and expensive process, and planning is key. Not only do we conduct required benefit plan audits for our clients, but we also act as a valuable partner in the complex planning process.
  • Accounting Research. Many business owners utilize our assurance team as their trusted resource for one-off accounting research projects. One significant example is the constant release of new accounting standards. By providing the intricate details to our clients, we can help them make sure they have an implementation plan and suitable system in place that will meet the new requirements.
  • Personal Financial Statement Preparation. Many individuals need personal financial statements prepared for a variety of reasons. Their financial position may be requested by creditors, estate planners, or their CPA for income tax planning purposes. It could also be used to formally organize and design their retirement plan. Whatever their primary focus is, we can help.
  • Construction Audits. Construction projects that are not properly managed can quickly spiral out of control and create a potential for overcharges and fraud. Many clients come to us wanting to ensure that their construction project costs are being charged in accordance with the terms of the contract. By working closely with the client’s internal project management team and the general contractor, we can determine that all construction costs incurred are appropriate.

At MGA, we genuinely dig deep to understand your particular business and operations. By doing so, we can create an assurance approach tailored to your specific needs. What are the challenges that you and your company are currently facing? Perhaps we can be of help to you.