Many relationships start with a specific need. These are some of the areas where MGA can assist: strategic business planning, business valuation, mergers and acquisition assistance.

MGA has been a long-standing and highly successful accounting firm in Houston, Texas for over two decades. Our scope of business has expanded as the needs of our clients have grown.

Some clients need business advisory services to help sustain their growth strategies. This is where we assemble our team of experts and develop a collaborative, and at times, highly innovative approach to help a client rethink their strategy and improve their execution.

Others are looking at mergers and acquisitions where we have exceptional resources. An area fraught with challenges, the consolidation of industries has many implications – from the tax issues to the resolution of partnerships. Mergers and acquisitions often need help in the culture area where two very different firms are coming together to form a new one that benefits from the strengths of each.

Some are facing the challenges of succession planning, business valuation, and the training of the next generation of leaders. Since 67% of firms are owned by Baby Boomers, we know that succession planning is a topic on the top of our clients’ agendas. They neither want to appear ready to retire nor do they want to ignore the need for succession planning. We are ready to help.

Talk with us about your particular situation, so your MGA team can take a holistic approach to your needs.