Robert Cox: A New Chapter

Robert Cox worked hard throughout his life, building up a comfortable nest egg for retirement. But as he entered his golden years, he realized he didn't want to spend his time worrying about managing his finances. That's when he decided to turn to financial experts for help.

Already being a long-time MGA client, Robert didn’t have to turn far. The MGA team assisted Robert and his business partner in the sale of their business in 2018. From there, we connected him with our finance expert and Partner, Michael Miller, to not only help him manage the funds from the sale but also to prepare for his next chapter ahead.

"I wanted to be able to relax and enjoy my retirement without worrying about my finances. I was in the insurance business, but the investment world is a little more complex to me. Michael has taken the complex investment world and made it fairly simple. In fact, he’s allowed both me and my wife to not even think twice about it.”

With Michael's help, Robert has taken a hands-off approach to his retirement finances. He trusts him to make smart investment decisions on his behalf. Michael listens before he starts speaking; he gets to know you and your unique situation before he starts making recommendations. That is something Robert told us makes all the difference when choosing to partner with an advisor.

“MGA is not a typical accounting firm. I can tell you that. Everyone I have worked with at MGA, from Paul Grossbard on the sale of our business to Michael Miller on managing my personal finances, gets to know you and understands your particular wants and needs. Then, they tailor their recommendations to your specific desires. You don’t get this same treatment when working with larger accounting firms. This is the magic of MGA.”

From Work to Relaxation: A Hands-Off Approach to Managing Retirement Funds

Robert's experience is not unique. As more and more people enter retirement, they are turning to professionals for help managing their money. This trend is driven in part by the growing complexity of the financial landscape, as well as by the desire of retirees to enjoy their golden years without the stress of financial management.

"For me, the biggest benefit of working with the MGA experts has been peace of mind," Robert said. "I know my money is in good hands, and I don't have to worry about it. That's allowed me to focus on the things that really matter to me, like spending time with my family and pursuing my hobbies."

For those considering working with an advisor, Robert has some advice. "Do your research and find someone you trust," he said. "Make sure they have a track record of success and that they share your goals for your retirement. And don't be afraid to ask questions — you should feel comfortable with the people managing your money."

By taking a hands-off approach to his retirement finances and entrusting them to experts, Robert and his wife have been able to enjoy their golden years to the fullest. For him, the decision to work with Michael and the MGA team was a smart one — and it's allowed him to focus on what really matters in life.

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