Worth Street Partners

Worth Street Partners

In the heart of Dallas, a city known for its vibrant economy and dynamic real estate market, Worth Street Partners is carving out its unique position in the multifamily property management sector. Founded in 2018 by Matthew Flume and Cole Burdette, Worth Street Partners embarked on a mission not just to own and operate multifamily properties but to preserve affordable housing for the workforce.

Today, with over 600 units across six properties, their portfolio has expanded into a comprehensive vision that includes managing these properties through their in-house team, underscoring their dedication to enhancing operational efficiency and maintaining a focus on affordability and community service.

MGA and Worth Street: A Partnership Born Out of Necessity and Vision

Before joining forces with MGA, Worth Street handled everything in-house, from onsite management to backend operations. And like many management teams handling such a wide variety of critical responsibilities, they were getting completely bogged down by these backend operations, like accounting and finance-related tasks. Enter MGA.

The collaboration with MGA arose from a critical need to optimize these daily accounting and finance operations, freeing up valuable time for property managers and allowing them to focus on revenue-generating activities such as rent collection and timely work order management. “MGA has been an integral piece in helping our property managers become more efficient,” Cole says, highlighting the value brought by outsourcing and automating certain processes.

Learn more about how outsourcing your back offices to MGA can help you thrive.

Beyond Accounting: MGA’s Comprehensive Support Fuels Worth Street’s Innovation Through Collaboration

The partnership with MGA has been about more than just efficiency; it’s been about growth, foresight, and building a foundation for the future. Worth Street Partners praised MGA’s proactive approach, from forecasting potential needs to providing solutions before the needs even arise. This anticipatory strategy has been key in developing a flexible, robust framework for Worth Street’s expanding property management company. “Having MGA as part of our network has been powerful for us,” Cole remarks, acknowledging the significance of referrals and the seamless integration of services like a PEO platform.

“Building out this company from scratch, we’ve been flexible in all the processes and adjoining software, and MGA has been a huge value-add for us in terms of capabilities. They know the industry and are well-equipped with technology recommendations, referrals, and so much more. When you start a company, there are many needs that you haven’t thought through, but MGA has done a great job forecasting needs that we might have and offering solutions before we even know we need them. They have a very collaborative yet professional approach.” – Cole Burdette, Worth Street Partners

A Future Built on Trust and Mutual Success

As Worth Street Partners looks toward the future, their relationship with MGA is representative of their growth journey. “It’s more of a partnership than a service,” Cole notes, appreciating the valuable insights and advice received. This collaboration allows Worth Street to focus on business development and expansion while trusting MGA to help manage the complexities of running a growing company.

Worth Street Partners’ story is one of innovation, efficiency, and strategic growth. As they continue to grow and evolve, their partnership with MGA remains a cornerstone of their success, embodying a shared vision for excellence and innovation in real estate management.

MGA Is Not Just a Service Provider but a Trusted Partner to Walk Alongside Your Business

As Worth Street Partners continues to grow and find their footing, they underscore the importance of identifying trusted partners who can facilitate this growth. MGA stands out as not just a service provider but as a partner walking alongside Worth Street, offering insights, support, and solutions tailored to their evolving needs.

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Jamestown Estate Homes

Jamestown Estate Homes

In 2010, a family dream materialized with the founding of Jamestown Estate Homes, taking its name from the first lot purchased on Jamestown Road in Piney Point. At the helm are three dynamic sisters: Elizabeth, Katy, and Victoria, backed by the guiding experience of their father, Greg Hawes, a venerable figure in the Houston home-building landscape.

For nearly two decades prior, Greg had presided over one of the city's largest semi-custom builders. Yet, Jamestown Estate Homes represented a new era, emphasizing a more intimate, full custom, luxury home-building approach. Not only is this venture a successful business, but it is also a gathering of family and close associates, forging a team where work feels less like a duty and more like a shared passion.

True to their values, Jamestown Estate Homes nurtures the concept of a family business, working with people they genuinely enjoy  including partners like MGA.

Amidst the ever-evolving tax laws and the challenges brought on by Covid, the company sought a new CPA to guide them through the financial intricacies of their thriving business. Enter MGA, a perfect match that understood their needs and vision. After interviewing several firms, Katy Hawes, Comptroller at Jamestown Estate Homes, felt an immediate connection with MGA Partners Adam Barr and David Long, who resonated with their goals and aspirations.

The company works with MGA on a variety of tax and assurance needs, most recently a balance sheet audit and a compilation of financial statements for their lender. Katy tells us that the audit proved to be a smooth and collaborative endeavor. The MGA assurance team went above and beyond, visiting their various spread-out building sites without a hint of complaint.

MGA understands issues specific to the home building industry, and can therefore offer a tailored approach to Jamestown Estate Homes’ needs.

Throughout their engagement with MGA, the team felt heard and understood, thanks to MGA's tailored approach and industry-specific questions that delved into the nuances of home building. Katy tells us how refreshing it is to have someone who understands what they do, displaying a true understanding of the custom and spec sales intricacies that Jamestown Estate Homes specializes in.

For Jamestown Estate Homes, working with MGA has been a delightful experience, with open lines of communication and a genuine understanding of their business. MGA's support has enabled them to focus on their true passion — building homes and relationships that stand the test of time.

Choose the Right Business Advisor So You Can Focus on What You Do Best

The journey of Jamestown Estate Homes exemplifies the power of family, passion, and finding the right partners. With MGA by their side, they continue to build not only dream homes but also lasting connections with clients who entrust them with their visions and aspirations. Together, they create spaces that families can call home, where comfort and happiness find their true expression.

At MGA, we know that a building is so much more than bricks and mortar. Read about how we work with clients in the construction business spanning the entire industry. Or, you might be interested in reading more about how we work with like-minded entrepreneurs across a variety of industries.

Regardless of what type of business you are creating, we can work with you to take your complex problems and find simpler solutions.

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Robert Cox: A New Chapter

Robert Cox: A New Chapter

Robert Cox worked hard throughout his life, building up a comfortable nest egg for retirement. But as he entered his golden years, he realized he didn't want to spend his time worrying about managing his finances. That's when he decided to turn to financial experts for help.

Already being a long-time MGA client, Robert didn’t have to turn far. The MGA team assisted Robert and his business partner in the sale of their business in 2018. From there, we connected him with our finance expert and Partner, Michael Miller, to not only help him manage the funds from the sale but also to prepare for his next chapter ahead.

"I wanted to be able to relax and enjoy my retirement without worrying about my finances. I was in the insurance business, but the investment world is a little more complex to me. Michael has taken the complex investment world and made it fairly simple. In fact, he’s allowed both me and my wife to not even think twice about it.”

With Michael's help, Robert has taken a hands-off approach to his retirement finances. He trusts him to make smart investment decisions on his behalf. Michael listens before he starts speaking; he gets to know you and your unique situation before he starts making recommendations. That is something Robert told us makes all the difference when choosing to partner with an advisor.

“MGA is not a typical accounting firm. I can tell you that. Everyone I have worked with at MGA, from Paul Grossbard on the sale of our business to Michael Miller on managing my personal finances, gets to know you and understands your particular wants and needs. Then, they tailor their recommendations to your specific desires. You don’t get this same treatment when working with larger accounting firms. This is the magic of MGA.”

From Work to Relaxation: A Hands-Off Approach to Managing Retirement Funds

Robert's experience is not unique. As more and more people enter retirement, they are turning to professionals for help managing their money. This trend is driven in part by the growing complexity of the financial landscape, as well as by the desire of retirees to enjoy their golden years without the stress of financial management.

"For me, the biggest benefit of working with the MGA experts has been peace of mind," Robert said. "I know my money is in good hands, and I don't have to worry about it. That's allowed me to focus on the things that really matter to me, like spending time with my family and pursuing my hobbies."

For those considering working with an advisor, Robert has some advice. "Do your research and find someone you trust," he said. "Make sure they have a track record of success and that they share your goals for your retirement. And don't be afraid to ask questions — you should feel comfortable with the people managing your money."

By taking a hands-off approach to his retirement finances and entrusting them to experts, Robert and his wife have been able to enjoy their golden years to the fullest. For him, the decision to work with Michael and the MGA team was a smart one — and it's allowed him to focus on what really matters in life.

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Wealth management services are handled by TFO-TDC, LLC dba TDC Investment Advisory

Vessel Blenders

Vessel Blenders

Charles King and his team have been long-time MGA clients, coming on board after searching for a new CPA firm that could offer them a more forward-thinking experience. Since then, we have provided fundamental guidance and expertise as their company, Vessel Blenders, has continued to evolve, truly making the complex simple.

Keep reading to see how we are more than just an accounting firm to them, always looking forward to what’s coming next and helping them build their future.

Blending Operations with Accounting Creates a Superior Solution

Charles King, Founder of Vessel Blenders, tells us that after the departure of his business partner, he began to capitalize on MGA's strengths and spread the company's wings. He knew that the MGA team were more than just CPAs who could get him a tax return. He started opening the door for higher-level conversations and strategic partnerships, which took his business to the next level.

One prime example is how we helped Charles and his team connect with a local banker. They previously partnered with a large bank, where they felt like just another number. When they switched to a local banking relationship, Charles tells us it was like night and day. At MGA’s guidance, they started talking to their new banker about opening a line of credit, as they wanted to be prepared and have it ready and available before they needed it.

Other excellent examples of how we have made the complex simple for Charles and his great business is by referring them to another specialist who could help them with tax credits and a consulting resource that enabled them to work on their team development. Charles tells us that these types of things are what set MGA apart from the rest. Fundamental building blocks, as such, were the guiding forces to help them move forward.

For the first time, they are now seeing a generation of not just bottom-line income but the energy they feel with their big-name partnerships. Many of these things are a direct result of sitting down with the MGA team every quarter and mapping out their vision.

Together, we are looking ahead at Vessel Blender’s future. Sharing the same vision and working together as a team to get there is key.

Behind the Scenes: The Real Benefits of Working With Like-Minded Entrepreneurs

Looking behind the scenes at the evolution of Vessel Blenders is a testament to their mission to provide consistent, high-quality solutions to customer quality and schedule problems inherent to onboard blending.

In 2010, Charles, an independent petroleum loss control contractor, was working with a client facing several challenges at a terminal in Houston, TX:

  • compensating for complicated shoreline adjustments
  • managing the onboard distribution of unique cargos to meet blend specifications (on a per-vessel tank basis)
  • streamlining operations to minimize delays to the terminal

Charles innovated effective solutions, evolving as the client’s requirements became more complex. The results of his success led to him forming Petro Cargo, later renamed Vessel Blenders, to keep up with the demand for his services. The company and its reputation grew quickly.

While we may be in different industries, we understand the unique needs of Charles and his business because it's also at our Firm's roots. Not satisfied with the status quo, we set out to do accounting services differently, to do it better. And we have. As trusted advisors, we help entrepreneurs do what they do best: find innovative ways to open new markets and create real value.

More than understanding entrepreneurs’ specific problems and situations, MGA recognizes how creative people think, allowing us to work proactively together toward a common goal — success.

If you are looking for a more forward-thinking experience and a team to share your long-term vision with, we might be the right advisors for you.

Read more about how we work with other like-minded entrepreneurs. Or, if we can be of help to you today, let's talk.



“Before working with MGA, I never felt completely confident with my accounting. I rarely felt like something was explained 100% clearly to me, so I always had an uneasy feeling in the back of my mind. Once I started working with MGA, it was like night and day. Things really improved across the board, and I gained clarity out of the fog.” — Mark Waller, CEO / Managing Director at Proceanic

Proceanic has been an MGA client for three years now, and the quote above says it all. Before coming on board with MGA, they were lost in a sea of fog. They received conflicting advice, which, when questioned, often changed, and there were many gray areas overall. Past CPA services were “generally acceptable” (pun intended), but Proceanic did not have a tax advocate to think one step ahead for them, to think strategically.

Mark tells us that shortly after working with MGA and Partner Adam Barr in particular, many of those gray areas were picked up on and corrected. He also tells us that MGA helped in other areas where he feels his previous CPA would not have been able to, specifically related to research and tax development credits, employee retention credits, and capital expenditure depreciation.

“Things are a lot more organized, much clearer, and, being truthful, a little more expensive, which is okay because it’s money well spent, as you truly get added value. Overall, I am much more comfortable with where Proceanic is today, relating to our taxes and accounting. Our corporate administrator who runs Proceanic’s bookkeeping is also much happier with how things are going now.”

International Tax Experts: If We Don’t Have the Answer for You, We Promise to Find It

Proceanic has been in business for twenty years, starting as an engineering consulting firm in 2002, providing engineering project management and construction management services to the offshore industry. Later, the company evolved into providing underwater inspection services in addition to the engineering and project management. Underwater inspection now makes up the majority of their business.

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, Proceanic also has field offices in Singapore, Malaysia, and, more recently, Brazil. MGA has assisted in the operations of the two Asian corporate entities and has also been a significant help to Proceanic in setting up the Brazilian entity.

One thing Mark particularly likes about MGA is that we are quick to tell him when we’re approaching our limitations, but we are then able to draw on other resources when necessary. This is a perfect example of that. We are a proud member firm of PrimeGlobal, an award-winning association of independent accounting and business advisory firms located in more than 100 countries. This membership gives us all the advantages of a supersized global firm, with national and worldwide contacts we can reach out to for resources and expertise when needed.

Have a question about your global operations? Don’t worry. We have trusted resources to get you an answer.

Mark Puts His Growing, Successful Business in Hands He Can Trust

Over the past few years, Proceanic has gone from being hunter-gatherers to farmers. Clients now come to them first, as they’ve established their brand name and work with large, reputable companies in the industry. When these companies need any type of ROV inspection services, whether it be for offshore oil and gas, offshore wind, or inshore dams and water utilities, Proceanic is their first call.

As they continue to grow in size, revenue, and locations, Mark tells us that he needs an advisor he can trust. He is glad to have found MGA to be just that.

“Adam has an uncanny knack for clarifying questions in my head and giving me guidance. I’m not a financial guy; I’m a technical and commercial guy. My eyes start to glaze over when we talk accounting, and I can rely on Adam to clearly answer my questions when I have them.

Nine times out of ten, MGA is able to answer my question or solve my issue quickly and concisely. That one time out of ten when they can't, they tell me that immediately, but then they go out and find the answer for me.”

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Criss Cross Commercial Group

Criss Cross Commercial Group

Criss Cross Commercial Group is in the business of helping retail businesses succeed. And for nearly 20 years, they have been doing just that, growing steadily year after year.

They do things differently than the standard brick-and-mortar commercial real estate companies out there. They view their tenants differently, as a partner in each other’s success. They partner with businesses to help them reach their dreams and become successful entrepreneurs, knowing that their own success comes directly from their tenants’ success. This approach, along with their ability to creatively make deals happen in their industry, is what sets them apart from the rest. They never like to say no. They always like to figure out how to achieve the “yes,” seeking solutions that are a win-win for everyone involved.

Their story is one of a small company that has “grown-up” over the years. As they grew from a small business to a more formal and professional company, they knew they needed a trusted advisor along the way — someone to lean on for sound accounting and tax-related advice. And that’s where MGA comes into their story.

Criss Cross needed a high-level, sophisticated accounting firm. MGA delivered.

One of the ways that MGA has made the complex simple for the Criss Cross team is by helping them improve and formalize their accounting operations as their company evolved. Ryan and Melissa Dennard (Executive Director and Operations Director at Criss Cross) knew that they needed to become more organized as the business developed, especially to manage and scale their growth successfully. That’s why they went out looking for a high-level, sophisticated accounting firm to lean on, and that’s right where they found the MGA team.

When we asked Ryan to tell us more about why they continue to choose to partner with MGA, he told us that having a team they trusted to keep up with the ever-changing tax laws related to their industry was invaluable. Don’t just take our word for it, here’s what he had to say himself:

“There are also a lot of specific tax laws that apply to us and our industry, and those laws have changed and evolved quite a lot over the last five or six years. We have had a very collaborative relationship with the MGA tax team to make sure that we understand those laws, that we are well-informed about how we can manage our documentation inside the company to stay compliant, and that we are truly maximizing the opportunities around those laws. The results of this partnership have been exceptional. We are so pleased with the clarity, communication, and thoroughness of the knowledge from the MGA team and their ability to articulate precisely what we need to do to be compliant, maximize opportunities, and structure our investments and developments in ways that are tailored to the current laws.”

If your small business is looking to grow more strategically, we are here to be a collaborator in your success. Whether you are in the real estate industry or not, we can help you understand the specific tax laws that affect you and the opportunities available to you.

“We look forward to continuing to expand our relationship with MGA. They have been such a good partner with us over the last few years and allowed us to grow our business in a more strategic way. It’s a relationship that we are excited to continue to lean on in the coming years, and we know they’ll continue to be a resource for us.” — Ryan Dennard, Executive Director at Criss Cross Commercial Group

Our tax and accounting experts are here to help make the complex simple.

If we can do that for you, please reach out to us today. We are ready when you are.

Gregory Miller

Gregory Miller

When Gregory was referred to MGA in the early 90s, he had just taken over his parents’ company. His step-father had recently passed away, and because of his excellent planning, Gregory was already set up to run the business. As you could imagine, there were many moving pieces, so Gregory was pleased to be guided to Russ Miller and the MGA team during this time — which started a long-term relationship that they still enjoy to this day.

But what has kept Gregory around all these years? What made him choose, and stick with, MGA time and time again? His answer is simple. It’s the trusted relationship built and the honest, open guidance that comes along with that. It’s advice based on knowing your personality, your needs, what you would desire for your estate, and more.

Much More Than Just Taxes, We Are a Trusted Partner 

As Gregory tells us: “It is more than just doing your taxes; it’s giving trusted financial advice and looking at the bigger picture. One example that the MGA team advised us on back in the day, which we subsequently implemented, was around a franchise tax. The Texas governor at the time wanted to dramatically change some of the laws, so Russ helped us change from a corporation to a general partnership to circumvent all of those taxes. You’re never going to avoid any and all taxes, but coming up with ways to minimize those taxes and save where you can is something that Russ has always done for us.”

Another area where the MGA team has brought tremendous value to Gregory is through estate planning. When he came on board with MGA, he had just lost his step-father, so most of the big pieces regarding his wishes were already in place. But MGA really helped to continue that, especially with his mother’s estate and offering ways to minimize different taxes in that regard. Russ always came up with creative strategies that represented a good balance between satisfying all their needs and managing the tax consequences accordingly.

Our Trusted Estate Planning Advice Gives Gregory Great Peace of Mind

“In the corporate world, a lot of our customers became our good friends. And that same attitude extends into the people that we do business with. You develop that friendship and trust, and it becomes an integral part of the relationship. So, in sitting down and discussing advice, you can bounce ideas off each other. What about this? What about that? You are doing that with a person who isn’t just a vendor, it’s a trusted friend, and the advice is honest and meaningful. Sometimes it’s what you want to hear, and sometimes it’s not. But knowing that they are laying out all the options is great peace of mind. It’s a friendship that’s comfortable enough to say, I know you’re probably not going to do it, but this is what I recommend.”

Gregory tells us that he has great comfort in the MGA team, knowing that his needs are being looked at from a broad perspective. It’s not just about getting your paperwork and filing your taxes; it’s a detailed, in-depth look at you and your needs and giving sound advice based on that.

In other words, we make the complex simple for Gregory — and have for nearly thirty years.

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Swyft Filings

Swyft Filings

Swyft Filings recently celebrated their fifth anniversary, really setting out to make the complex simple for established business owners and start-ups alike.

Over the years, Swyft Filings has grown from an online filing service to help businesses get started to a company that fosters growth through a business’s whole life cycle by helping with things like filing annual reports to stay in compliance, offering a library of searchable legal documents, and assisting with physical mail. This helps them live out their tagline — do what you love and let them handle the paperwork. They handle the behind-the-scenes in the most efficient and affordable way possible using technology, innovation, and automation, so their customers can pursue their passion with confidence.

Swyft Filings and MGA, Working Together With a Shared Passion

The founding team of Swyft Filings came from various backgrounds — legal, marketing, strategy, coding, and the technical side of things were all covered. But one of their blind spots was finance and accounting. So choosing the right accounting partner, someone who could be a real trusted advisor, was one of the most critical decisions they faced as they grew.

As they begin to grow — and very rapidly at that — in both revenue size and number of employees, they knew they needed to find a firm that could keep up and fit their growing needs. As they asked around, Travis tells us that the name MGA came up more than once as a team that could handle quickly growing companies with multiple entities and brands. And when we asked Travis why he and his team decided to partner with MGA, this was his response:

“MGA definitely had an entrepreneurial spirit about it. You could just feel it, and given that we exist to serve entrepreneurs and promote entrepreneurship, we tried to cultivate that internally. That was part of the gut feeling, the natural fit that drew us to MGA — we could feel that same entrepreneurial vibe and spirit inside their firm. Most people think, eh, accounting, boring. But everything from their office culture to their technology to their people, it all spoke to us and truly felt like we had a shared passion.” — Travis Crabtree, Co-Founder of Swyft Filings

The Swyft team takes full advantage of our outsourced accounting services, so they can truly focus on growing their own business. Our Finance Accounting Support Team (F.A.S.T.) provides them with real-time financials that help them make the best business decisions. We took over all of the bookkeeping aspects of their business, and now they can simply log in and have real-time access to their numbers. They always know exactly what’s going on so they can make better decisions day in and day out.

Learn More about How We Work with like-Minded Business Owners

As Travis put it, it truly feels like we have a shared passion when working with like-minded entrepreneurs, especially those venturing into the high-tech scene. Swyft Filings is using technology, innovation, and automation to stay ahead of the curve for their great clients. We are doing the same.

If are looking for a business partner who can keep up with the changing trends and understands the high-tech side of your business because they, too, are staying ahead of the curve, MGA is your answer.

Click here to learn more about Swyft Filings and how they can help you start your business with confidence.

Jewish Funerals USA / Distinctive Life

Jewish Funerals USA / Distinctive Life

Twenty years ago, the funeral service industry started losing its personal touch. The corporate world was buying up all the independent and family-owned funeral homes, putting them all under one corporate umbrella. With this came a personality and philosophy change, as what happens when any family-owned business turns into a corporate-owned company.

That’s where Jewish Funerals USA was born (also known as Distinctive Life — their non-Jewish division). They saw an opportunity to set themselves apart by offering a personalized, family-focused, quality service, all at a fair price. And once people in the community realized they had an option, they responded.

Similarly enough, that’s precisely how and why the Jewish Funerals team chose to partner with MGA. Here’s what Andy Starr, Owner / Executive Director, had to say himself. 

“We started with another accounting firm that was family-run, just like we are. And at a certain point, they decided to sell out to the big boys. As a client, it seemed like there were four sales in a row, and every time I called, there were new names. And the more acquisitions that took place, the less I felt that I had a connection to anyone there, and the less I felt that I could ever call and get an immediate response. Then we found MGA, and we are so thankful we did. They do business the way we do. And any time I’ve needed them, they’ve been very accessible and helpful.”

Good Business Expertise That Spans Every Industry and Niche

At MGA, our primary goal is to make the complex simple — to offer sound business expertise, no matter the industry or niche. We like to grow with our clients, always staying one step ahead for them. And that’s exactly what we’ve offered Jewish Funerals USA / Distinctive Life all these years.

“We are so glad to be with MGA. We need an accounting and financial partner that can grow with us because although it’s not going to get ultra-complicated, we have to have someone who can advise us and make sure we continue to structure our business appropriately as we expand into other areas. Paul has been much more than an accountant for us; he’s advised us on so many business structure issues — like how to restructure debt and use equity most advantageously. He was also incredibly helpful in assisting us with the PPP loan process during the height of the COVID-19 shutdown. Whenever we have any complex business-related questions, the first phone call we make is always MGA.” — Andy Starr, Owner / Executive Director at Jewish Funerals USA

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Radom Capital LLC

Radom Capital LLC

Just over five years ago, Steve Radom set out with a passion and a vision to acquire and reposition properties, molding them into community-enhancing environments. He wanted to develop projects that he was passionate about, and that’s where Radom Capital was born — a successful Houston-based commercial real estate developer and investor.

Steve was very selective when building his team over the last five years, making sure he chose excellent team members in their respective portions of the work, but most importantly, ensuring that every participant was passionate about their contribution. Choosing to partner with the MGA team from day one was no different — a true testament to our level of care and expertise.

"MGA has always been an integral part of our business. They are the people who, from a planning perspective, counsel us on business decisions. In our line of work, we structure projects and establish new partnerships and entities. It is imperative that we enter new ventures with full consideration of the tax and regulatory complexities. We regard MGA as our trusted counselors and an extension of our company." — Steve Radom, Managing Principal at Radom Capital

During the initial startup, Radom Capital leaned on the MGA team for everything. You name it, and we were there. Our outsourced accounting team helped them with all their bookkeeping and accounting functions. Our technology consulting team advised them on software and platforms to acquire that were specific to the industry. Whatever resources they needed to ramp up their business, we were there offering that to them — truly making the complex simple.

Regarding the future and changing times, Steve trusts the MGA team to have the intelligence and resources to stay one step ahead. Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what Steve has to say himself:

"Now more than ever, especially with constant changes in regulatory laws and regulations and the evolving environment, it’s critical to have a trusted advisor that has the intelligence and bandwidth to keep up with what is literally, on a daily basis, a changing network of rules, regulations, and opportunities. I have unwavering confidence and belief that the MGA team is on top of everything we are up against and presents the opportunities, making sure we are aware of them.

We have been automating our processes and adopting artificial intelligence, and MGA has helped us implement these strategies. We have been utilizing advice from the MGA team, trying to ensure that the business's technological side becomes more accessible, easier to implement, less expensive, and that we're aware of those opportunities and taking advantage of them."

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