Vessel Blenders

Charles King and his team have been long-time MGA clients, coming on board after searching for a new CPA firm that could offer them a more forward-thinking experience. Since then, we have provided fundamental guidance and expertise as their company, Vessel Blenders, has continued to evolve, truly making the complex simple.

Keep reading to see how we are more than just an accounting firm to them, always looking forward to what’s coming next and helping them build their future.

Blending Operations with Accounting Creates a Superior Solution

Charles King, Founder of Vessel Blenders, tells us that after the departure of his business partner, he began to capitalize on MGA's strengths and spread the company's wings. He knew that the MGA team were more than just CPAs who could get him a tax return. He started opening the door for higher-level conversations and strategic partnerships, which took his business to the next level.

One prime example is how we helped Charles and his team connect with a local banker. They previously partnered with a large bank, where they felt like just another number. When they switched to a local banking relationship, Charles tells us it was like night and day. At MGA’s guidance, they started talking to their new banker about opening a line of credit, as they wanted to be prepared and have it ready and available before they needed it.

Other excellent examples of how we have made the complex simple for Charles and his great business is by referring them to another specialist who could help them with tax credits and a consulting resource that enabled them to work on their team development. Charles tells us that these types of things are what set MGA apart from the rest. Fundamental building blocks, as such, were the guiding forces to help them move forward.

For the first time, they are now seeing a generation of not just bottom-line income but the energy they feel with their big-name partnerships. Many of these things are a direct result of sitting down with the MGA team every quarter and mapping out their vision.

Together, we are looking ahead at Vessel Blender’s future. Sharing the same vision and working together as a team to get there is key.

Behind the Scenes: The Real Benefits of Working With Like-Minded Entrepreneurs

Looking behind the scenes at the evolution of Vessel Blenders is a testament to their mission to provide consistent, high-quality solutions to customer quality and schedule problems inherent to onboard blending.

In 2010, Charles, an independent petroleum loss control contractor, was working with a client facing several challenges at a terminal in Houston, TX:

  • compensating for complicated shoreline adjustments
  • managing the onboard distribution of unique cargos to meet blend specifications (on a per-vessel tank basis)
  • streamlining operations to minimize delays to the terminal

Charles innovated effective solutions, evolving as the client’s requirements became more complex. The results of his success led to him forming Petro Cargo, later renamed Vessel Blenders, to keep up with the demand for his services. The company and its reputation grew quickly.

While we may be in different industries, we understand the unique needs of Charles and his business because it's also at our Firm's roots. Not satisfied with the status quo, we set out to do accounting services differently, to do it better. And we have. As trusted advisors, we help entrepreneurs do what they do best: find innovative ways to open new markets and create real value.

More than understanding entrepreneurs’ specific problems and situations, MGA recognizes how creative people think, allowing us to work proactively together toward a common goal — success.

If you are looking for a more forward-thinking experience and a team to share your long-term vision with, we might be the right advisors for you.

Read more about how we work with other like-minded entrepreneurs. Or, if we can be of help to you today, let's talk.

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