Gregory Miller

When Gregory was referred to MGA in the early 90s, he had just taken over his parents’ company. His step-father had recently passed away, and because of his excellent planning, Gregory was already set up to run the business. As you could imagine, there were many moving pieces, so Gregory was pleased to be guided to Russ Miller and the MGA team during this time — which started a long-term relationship that they still enjoy to this day.

But what has kept Gregory around all these years? What made him choose, and stick with, MGA time and time again? His answer is simple. It’s the trusted relationship built and the honest, open guidance that comes along with that. It’s advice based on knowing your personality, your needs, what you would desire for your estate, and more.

Much More Than Just Taxes, We Are a Trusted Partner 

As Gregory tells us: “It is more than just doing your taxes; it’s giving trusted financial advice and looking at the bigger picture. One example that the MGA team advised us on back in the day, which we subsequently implemented, was around a franchise tax. The Texas governor at the time wanted to dramatically change some of the laws, so Russ helped us change from a corporation to a general partnership to circumvent all of those taxes. You’re never going to avoid any and all taxes, but coming up with ways to minimize those taxes and save where you can is something that Russ has always done for us.”

Another area where the MGA team has brought tremendous value to Gregory is through estate planning. When he came on board with MGA, he had just lost his step-father, so most of the big pieces regarding his wishes were already in place. But MGA really helped to continue that, especially with his mother’s estate and offering ways to minimize different taxes in that regard. Russ always came up with creative strategies that represented a good balance between satisfying all their needs and managing the tax consequences accordingly.

Our Trusted Estate Planning Advice Gives Gregory Great Peace of Mind

“In the corporate world, a lot of our customers became our good friends. And that same attitude extends into the people that we do business with. You develop that friendship and trust, and it becomes an integral part of the relationship. So, in sitting down and discussing advice, you can bounce ideas off each other. What about this? What about that? You are doing that with a person who isn’t just a vendor, it’s a trusted friend, and the advice is honest and meaningful. Sometimes it’s what you want to hear, and sometimes it’s not. But knowing that they are laying out all the options is great peace of mind. It’s a friendship that’s comfortable enough to say, I know you’re probably not going to do it, but this is what I recommend.”

Gregory tells us that he has great comfort in the MGA team, knowing that his needs are being looked at from a broad perspective. It’s not just about getting your paperwork and filing your taxes; it’s a detailed, in-depth look at you and your needs and giving sound advice based on that.

In other words, we make the complex simple for Gregory — and have for nearly thirty years.

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