Core Legal Concepts LLC

Core Legal Concepts went looking for a partner that they could trust. Someone who could run with their tax issues and didn’t need direction. They had years of taxes that needed to be reviewed and cleaned up. They were referred to Brian Miller and the MGA team and discovered just the right answer to their dilemma.

MGA took the reins, creating a relationship built on a high level of confidence with the Core Legal team.

The situation they were facing was very complex. Eric Pubentz, one of the four members of the Core Legal founding team, was constantly receiving letters from tax entities all over the country and the federal government saying there were penalties for this and interest for that. Mistakes were haunting them. Things were going wrong all the time. That’s when MGA stepped in, and within a few months, everything was turned around and cleared up. There has been smooth sailing, ever since.

“Our relationship with Miller Grossbard allows us to always look at our finances from 35,000 feet. I don’t have to know any of the details. They review our financials every quarter and tell us exactly how much we need to pay for our quarterly payments, and it's just so easy. They're always right on top of that. And I think that was our goal from them, to stop us from ever being surprised by tax bills again.” — Eric Pubentz

Eric has a relationship with MGA built on excellent experiences and the confidence that the information is accurate and the recommendations appropriate. The communication is understandable. Core Legal knows what they have to do, and the MGA team helps them sleep well at night.

In other words, we make the complex simple for Core Legal Concepts.

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