The Frankel Building Group


As Jim Frankel tells the story: “When my sons came into the company they wanted to change the accounting firm. I was skeptical. I made the change because my sons knew Brian. Then I realized that Brian thinks just like us! He takes the complexity out of our financial matters and makes our entire back-office processes simple, easy, and accurate. Their F.A.S.T. program fits our needs perfectly.”

Frankel Building Group “thinks forward.”

They take the complexity of building a custom home and help their clients build better homes. As they might tell you: “Buyers feel confident relying on the Frankel team, and they appreciate our friendliness as well as professionalism and expertise. FBG has a fabulous group of people dedicated to making the home-building process enjoyable and stress-free.”

Sounds a lot like MGA!

F.A.S.T takes on the back-office responsibilities of Frankel, and other clients, allowing them to focus on growing and running the business, not the books.

What MGA designed for Frankel was how to use our F.A.S.T outsourced accounting services to let them focus on their business while our expert team could focus on helping them run their business. Our F.A.S.T team can provide a wide range of back-office financial management support, and as Frankel grew, our partnership did as well.

Some of the ways we designed our approach, which is highly tailored to specific client needs includes:

  • Provided an annual P & L forecast
  • Took 3rd party construction payables in house, created a vendor portal, and provided quality assurance to avoid duplicate payments to vendors.
  • Provided a 6-week rolling cash forecast
  • Paid and tracked tax payments for the partners to ensure all tax payments were made timely.
  • Serve as the liaison between the client and tax team so that the client no longer received a large list of items needed for their tax returns annually — all items are obtained, scanned, and tracked so the client has less to do during tax time
  • And more!

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In the video below, Scott Frankel, Co-president and Principal of Frankel Building Group, shares a little more about his company's experience with MGA and why we are the right solution for them.

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