Worth Street Partners

Worth Street Partners

In the heart of Dallas, a city known for its vibrant economy and dynamic real estate market, Worth Street Partners is carving out its unique position in the multifamily property management sector. Founded in 2018 by Matthew Flume and Cole Burdette, Worth Street Partners embarked on a mission not just to own and operate multifamily properties but to preserve affordable housing for the workforce.

Today, with over 600 units across six properties, their portfolio has expanded into a comprehensive vision that includes managing these properties through their in-house team, underscoring their dedication to enhancing operational efficiency and maintaining a focus on affordability and community service.

MGA and Worth Street: A Partnership Born Out of Necessity and Vision

Before joining forces with MGA, Worth Street handled everything in-house, from onsite management to backend operations. And like many management teams handling such a wide variety of critical responsibilities, they were getting completely bogged down by these backend operations, like accounting and finance-related tasks. Enter MGA.

The collaboration with MGA arose from a critical need to optimize these daily accounting and finance operations, freeing up valuable time for property managers and allowing them to focus on revenue-generating activities such as rent collection and timely work order management. “MGA has been an integral piece in helping our property managers become more efficient,” Cole says, highlighting the value brought by outsourcing and automating certain processes.

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Beyond Accounting: MGA’s Comprehensive Support Fuels Worth Street’s Innovation Through Collaboration

The partnership with MGA has been about more than just efficiency; it’s been about growth, foresight, and building a foundation for the future. Worth Street Partners praised MGA’s proactive approach, from forecasting potential needs to providing solutions before the needs even arise. This anticipatory strategy has been key in developing a flexible, robust framework for Worth Street’s expanding property management company. “Having MGA as part of our network has been powerful for us,” Cole remarks, acknowledging the significance of referrals and the seamless integration of services like a PEO platform.

“Building out this company from scratch, we’ve been flexible in all the processes and adjoining software, and MGA has been a huge value-add for us in terms of capabilities. They know the industry and are well-equipped with technology recommendations, referrals, and so much more. When you start a company, there are many needs that you haven’t thought through, but MGA has done a great job forecasting needs that we might have and offering solutions before we even know we need them. They have a very collaborative yet professional approach.” – Cole Burdette, Worth Street Partners

A Future Built on Trust and Mutual Success

As Worth Street Partners looks toward the future, their relationship with MGA is representative of their growth journey. “It’s more of a partnership than a service,” Cole notes, appreciating the valuable insights and advice received. This collaboration allows Worth Street to focus on business development and expansion while trusting MGA to help manage the complexities of running a growing company.

Worth Street Partners’ story is one of innovation, efficiency, and strategic growth. As they continue to grow and evolve, their partnership with MGA remains a cornerstone of their success, embodying a shared vision for excellence and innovation in real estate management.

MGA Is Not Just a Service Provider but a Trusted Partner to Walk Alongside Your Business

As Worth Street Partners continues to grow and find their footing, they underscore the importance of identifying trusted partners who can facilitate this growth. MGA stands out as not just a service provider but as a partner walking alongside Worth Street, offering insights, support, and solutions tailored to their evolving needs.

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Swyft Filings

Swyft Filings

Swyft Filings recently celebrated their fifth anniversary, really setting out to make the complex simple for established business owners and start-ups alike.

Over the years, Swyft Filings has grown from an online filing service to help businesses get started to a company that fosters growth through a business’s whole life cycle by helping with things like filing annual reports to stay in compliance, offering a library of searchable legal documents, and assisting with physical mail. This helps them live out their tagline — do what you love and let them handle the paperwork. They handle the behind-the-scenes in the most efficient and affordable way possible using technology, innovation, and automation, so their customers can pursue their passion with confidence.

Swyft Filings and MGA, Working Together With a Shared Passion

The founding team of Swyft Filings came from various backgrounds — legal, marketing, strategy, coding, and the technical side of things were all covered. But one of their blind spots was finance and accounting. So choosing the right accounting partner, someone who could be a real trusted advisor, was one of the most critical decisions they faced as they grew.

As they begin to grow — and very rapidly at that — in both revenue size and number of employees, they knew they needed to find a firm that could keep up and fit their growing needs. As they asked around, Travis tells us that the name MGA came up more than once as a team that could handle quickly growing companies with multiple entities and brands. And when we asked Travis why he and his team decided to partner with MGA, this was his response:

“MGA definitely had an entrepreneurial spirit about it. You could just feel it, and given that we exist to serve entrepreneurs and promote entrepreneurship, we tried to cultivate that internally. That was part of the gut feeling, the natural fit that drew us to MGA — we could feel that same entrepreneurial vibe and spirit inside their firm. Most people think, eh, accounting, boring. But everything from their office culture to their technology to their people, it all spoke to us and truly felt like we had a shared passion.” — Travis Crabtree, Co-Founder of Swyft Filings

The Swyft team takes full advantage of our outsourced accounting services, so they can truly focus on growing their own business. Our Finance Accounting Support Team (F.A.S.T.) provides them with real-time financials that help them make the best business decisions. We took over all of the bookkeeping aspects of their business, and now they can simply log in and have real-time access to their numbers. They always know exactly what’s going on so they can make better decisions day in and day out.

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As Travis put it, it truly feels like we have a shared passion when working with like-minded entrepreneurs, especially those venturing into the high-tech scene. Swyft Filings is using technology, innovation, and automation to stay ahead of the curve for their great clients. We are doing the same.

If are looking for a business partner who can keep up with the changing trends and understands the high-tech side of your business because they, too, are staying ahead of the curve, MGA is your answer.

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Radom Capital LLC

Radom Capital LLC

Just over five years ago, Steve Radom set out with a passion and a vision to acquire and reposition properties, molding them into community-enhancing environments. He wanted to develop projects that he was passionate about, and that’s where Radom Capital was born — a successful Houston-based commercial real estate developer and investor.

Steve was very selective when building his team over the last five years, making sure he chose excellent team members in their respective portions of the work, but most importantly, ensuring that every participant was passionate about their contribution. Choosing to partner with the MGA team from day one was no different — a true testament to our level of care and expertise.

"MGA has always been an integral part of our business. They are the people who, from a planning perspective, counsel us on business decisions. In our line of work, we structure projects and establish new partnerships and entities. It is imperative that we enter new ventures with full consideration of the tax and regulatory complexities. We regard MGA as our trusted counselors and an extension of our company." — Steve Radom, Managing Principal at Radom Capital

During the initial startup, Radom Capital leaned on the MGA team for everything. You name it, and we were there. Our outsourced accounting team helped them with all their bookkeeping and accounting functions. Our technology consulting team advised them on software and platforms to acquire that were specific to the industry. Whatever resources they needed to ramp up their business, we were there offering that to them — truly making the complex simple.

Regarding the future and changing times, Steve trusts the MGA team to have the intelligence and resources to stay one step ahead. Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what Steve has to say himself:

"Now more than ever, especially with constant changes in regulatory laws and regulations and the evolving environment, it’s critical to have a trusted advisor that has the intelligence and bandwidth to keep up with what is literally, on a daily basis, a changing network of rules, regulations, and opportunities. I have unwavering confidence and belief that the MGA team is on top of everything we are up against and presents the opportunities, making sure we are aware of them.

We have been automating our processes and adopting artificial intelligence, and MGA has helped us implement these strategies. We have been utilizing advice from the MGA team, trying to ensure that the business's technological side becomes more accessible, easier to implement, less expensive, and that we're aware of those opportunities and taking advantage of them."

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C&D Scrap Metal

C&D Scrap Metal

The Houston-famous C&D Scrap Metal is currently celebrating their 40th year in business. They are a long-time client of MGA, and we are proud to be their partners in success.

Dennis Laviage, owner and CEO of C&D Scrap Metal, tells us, “They are always staying up to date on the new rules and regulations that our government sets in place. At any point in time, if we have an issue of any sort, we can call, and we’re going to get a response from one of their team members.”

C&D Scrap Metal is Houston’s premiere metal recycling facility. Dennis explains to us that it’s much easier to recycle scrap than it is to get the metal out of the ore or the ground. It’s an important industry, as you can’t simply put metal out to waste. So what Dennis and his company are doing is a great way to make that waste valuable again.

As this great company has grown its reputation within the industry and the local community, MGA has been in the background providing insights and technical support. “Any time that we need them, they are there.”

“They are very up on what they do. If any new laws are going to affect us, they’re going to let us know. We have a lot of different needs that require a full-scope firm. Russ and the MGA team are just that. They take care of our business and make sure that we’re legal all the way around.” — Dennis Laviage

As a full-scope accounting and advisory firm, we are here to help you with your unique challenges and needs. Just like Dennis, we will have your back as you grow your business. You will always get a timely response from our team of experts.

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Robert Martinez, CEO Rockstar Capital

Robert Martinez, CEO Rockstar Capital

Robert Martinez founded Rockstar Capital in 2011 with a simple goal in mind: to create a better real estate organization delivering genuine care for tenants and those who support them. They have since grown into one of the most admired real estate firms by doing just that.

Robert has managed the underwriting, acquisition, and management of 27 apartment communities consisting of greater than 4,900 rental units. In the last eight years, they have won 15 city and state national apartment association awards and were recently ranked as the 15th fastest-growing company in Houston by the Houston Business Journal.

How does Robert make this all work? By making the complex simple.

First, Robert takes the complexity out of apartment hunting. It’s 2019, and he knows that the majority of people do most, if not all, of their research online. People are no longer spending their Saturday mornings touring ten different apartment complexes. What matters now is who stands out? The ones with the best reviews, right? However, as choices are quickly narrowed down, what comes next?

Thinking outside of the box, Robert decided to show people what it would be like to live in one of his communities.

That’s where Rockstar has set itself apart from the competition. Before ever stepping foot on one of their properties, a prospective tenant can picture exactly what it would be like to call that place their home.

Further, he wants his tenants to stay with him. His entire operation is built around that goal. And it works.

Our F.A.S.T. (Finance Accounting Support Team) program handles all of the back-office accounting responsibilities for Rockstar Capital. Our F.A.S.T. program has freed up Robert’s time to focus on the things that truly matter — like growing his business and building the “Rockstar Culture.”

“MGA’s F.A.S.T. program has been a game-changer for us, in terms of how we manage our books. We get analytical information and suggestions. They’ve taken a lot of the work off of our plate, and they’ve put it on their plate — where it belongs. This has allowed me to focus on buying more apartment deals, to focus on our residents. I am now able to spend more time on what I want to focus on.”

Since coming on board with our F.A.S.T. program, we’ve watched Robert’s company soar to new heights and become ranked as the 15th fastest-growing company in Houston. Robert was also recently featured in this Forbes article where he shared some insight on How to Stay Top of Mind and Boost Referrals in Any Business.

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In the video below, Robert Martinez, Founding Principal and CEO of Rockstar Capital, shares a little more about his company's experience with MGA and why we are the right solution for them.

John Leggett: The Journey of a Serial Entrepreneur

John Leggett: The Journey of a Serial Entrepreneur

John was referred to Brian and the MGA team seven years ago for simple accounting work. While MGA handles 100% of tax-related items for John and his many companies, he states, “they’re a lot more than just taxes to us.”

John is a serial entrepreneur, always setting out to do things differently, to do things better. He currently has a number of different entities and different real estate ventures that he works with MGA on. From residential homebuilding to title companies and various investment entities, he has expanded his entrepreneurial portfolio and manages a variety of businesses.

Brian is John’s go-to solution when he needs advice on putting together a partnership deal, researching different case studies, or understanding how the tax treatment may work on something he’s using for structuring.

As he told us:

“Brian is 100% a collaborator in the successes of our business. I’d say he is probably our strongest professional relationship, and we utilize his expertise constantly. We’ve referred so many people to him and are happy to do so because we know he’s going to take good care of anyone we send his way.”

John and all of his companies also use our Technology and Strategic Consulting (T.A.S.C.) services. We have helped his team implement various technologies around their businesses. Each new methodology has been instrumental in cutting down time, reducing mistakes, and creating checks and balances.

Our Technology and Strategic Consulting Services (T.A.S.C.) are taking John’s companies to new heights, freeing up his time to do what he does best.

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The Frankel Building Group

The Frankel Building Group


As Jim Frankel tells the story: “When my sons came into the company they wanted to change the accounting firm. I was skeptical. I made the change because my sons knew Brian. Then I realized that Brian thinks just like us! He takes the complexity out of our financial matters and makes our entire back-office processes simple, easy, and accurate. Their F.A.S.T. program fits our needs perfectly.”

Frankel Building Group “thinks forward.”

They take the complexity of building a custom home and help their clients build better homes. As they might tell you: “Buyers feel confident relying on the Frankel team, and they appreciate our friendliness as well as professionalism and expertise. FBG has a fabulous group of people dedicated to making the home-building process enjoyable and stress-free.”

Sounds a lot like MGA!

F.A.S.T takes on the back-office responsibilities of Frankel, and other clients, allowing them to focus on growing and running the business, not the books.

What MGA designed for Frankel was how to use our F.A.S.T outsourced accounting services to let them focus on their business while our expert team could focus on helping them run their business. Our F.A.S.T team can provide a wide range of back-office financial management support, and as Frankel grew, our partnership did as well.

Some of the ways we designed our approach, which is highly tailored to specific client needs includes:

  • Provided an annual P & L forecast
  • Took 3rd party construction payables in house, created a vendor portal, and provided quality assurance to avoid duplicate payments to vendors.
  • Provided a 6-week rolling cash forecast
  • Paid and tracked tax payments for the partners to ensure all tax payments were made timely.
  • Serve as the liaison between the client and tax team so that the client no longer received a large list of items needed for their tax returns annually — all items are obtained, scanned, and tracked so the client has less to do during tax time
  • And more!

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In the video below, Scott Frankel, Co-president and Principal of Frankel Building Group, shares a little more about his company's experience with MGA and why we are the right solution for them.