Whether It’s Your Hormones or Your Business, It’s All about Balance

The relationship between MGA and Dr. Gary Donovitz goes back a long way. Dr. Donovitz, founder of the Institute for Hormonal Balance and founder, chairman and medical director of BioTE®, and Russ Miller, MGA founder and partner, were college roommates. Kind of like the two guys from Lonesome Dove, Gary and Russ’s story demonstrates how two individuals and their organizations can work together to support each other as they grow — in their case, in leaps and bounds.

Not Just an Innovator — A True Trailblazer

In 1985, Dr. Donovitz saw an unmet need. He realized he could help people feel better and achieve a healthier life through hormone therapy. Determined to make a difference in this burgeoning field, he founded the Institute for Hormonal Balance, specializing in gynecological wellness and advanced hormone optimization. He followed this with BioTE® Medical, now the largest provider of natural hormone pellet therapy in the U.S.

Some 20 years later, Dr. Donovitz has become a leading innovator in bio-identical hormone replacement, literally changing healthcare through an individualized, comprehensive method of hormone optimization. Having performed more than 50,000 pellet insertions, he is an international lecturer in sub-cutaneous hormone pellet therapy and has successfully taught the technique to nearly 2,000 practitioners nationwide.

How MGA Helped an Idea Take Flight and Soar

When Dr. Donovitz came to us in need of financial and accounting guidance, we leapt into action, providing him with the consultative foundation for understanding the financial side of his business. In essence, we became his back-office.

Then, so that he could work on his business instead of just in his business, we focused on our areas of business proficiency (our specialty) so he could focus on the future of hormonal therapy (his specialty).

The result? With our help, Dr. Donovitz’s business has grown from one practice to 1,600. Moreover, our team has structured his organization for scalability and stability so that this expansive growth has gone hand-in-hand with financial stability.

Our MGA team accomplished this through a wide range of services, including:

  • Entity structure and estate planning
  • Tax compliance on state and federal levels
  • Full-service bookkeeping, including AR/AP, financial forecasting, month-end and quarter-end closing
  • Liaison relationship management
  • IT efficiency projects and recommendations
  • Agreed Upon Procedure reviews

This is one client’s success story. How can we help you write yours?

Dr. Donovitz and BioTE® Medical are committed to changing healthcare, and MGA is committed to helping them achieve that goal. And we can do the same for your business.

Similar to hormone balance, we create a genuine opportunity for people to have more successful careers, better relationships and more productivity, now and for years to come.

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