Jamestown Estate Homes

Jamestown Estate Homes

In 2010, a family dream materialized with the founding of Jamestown Estate Homes, taking its name from the first lot purchased on Jamestown Road in Piney Point. At the helm are three dynamic sisters: Elizabeth, Katy, and Victoria, backed by the guiding experience of their father, Greg Hawes, a venerable figure in the Houston home-building landscape.

For nearly two decades prior, Greg had presided over one of the city's largest semi-custom builders. Yet, Jamestown Estate Homes represented a new era, emphasizing a more intimate, full custom, luxury home-building approach. Not only is this venture a successful business, but it is also a gathering of family and close associates, forging a team where work feels less like a duty and more like a shared passion.

True to their values, Jamestown Estate Homes nurtures the concept of a family business, working with people they genuinely enjoy  including partners like MGA.

Amidst the ever-evolving tax laws and the challenges brought on by Covid, the company sought a new CPA to guide them through the financial intricacies of their thriving business. Enter MGA, a perfect match that understood their needs and vision. After interviewing several firms, Katy Hawes, Comptroller at Jamestown Estate Homes, felt an immediate connection with MGA Partners Adam Barr and David Long, who resonated with their goals and aspirations.

The company works with MGA on a variety of tax and assurance needs, most recently a balance sheet audit and a compilation of financial statements for their lender. Katy tells us that the audit proved to be a smooth and collaborative endeavor. The MGA assurance team went above and beyond, visiting their various spread-out building sites without a hint of complaint.

MGA understands issues specific to the home building industry, and can therefore offer a tailored approach to Jamestown Estate Homes’ needs.

Throughout their engagement with MGA, the team felt heard and understood, thanks to MGA's tailored approach and industry-specific questions that delved into the nuances of home building. Katy tells us how refreshing it is to have someone who understands what they do, displaying a true understanding of the custom and spec sales intricacies that Jamestown Estate Homes specializes in.

For Jamestown Estate Homes, working with MGA has been a delightful experience, with open lines of communication and a genuine understanding of their business. MGA's support has enabled them to focus on their true passion — building homes and relationships that stand the test of time.

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The journey of Jamestown Estate Homes exemplifies the power of family, passion, and finding the right partners. With MGA by their side, they continue to build not only dream homes but also lasting connections with clients who entrust them with their visions and aspirations. Together, they create spaces that families can call home, where comfort and happiness find their true expression.

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Regardless of what type of business you are creating, we can work with you to take your complex problems and find simpler solutions.

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C&D Scrap Metal

C&D Scrap Metal

The Houston-famous C&D Scrap Metal is currently celebrating their 40th year in business. They are a long-time client of MGA, and we are proud to be their partners in success.

Dennis Laviage, owner and CEO of C&D Scrap Metal, tells us, “They are always staying up to date on the new rules and regulations that our government sets in place. At any point in time, if we have an issue of any sort, we can call, and we’re going to get a response from one of their team members.”

C&D Scrap Metal is Houston’s premiere metal recycling facility. Dennis explains to us that it’s much easier to recycle scrap than it is to get the metal out of the ore or the ground. It’s an important industry, as you can’t simply put metal out to waste. So what Dennis and his company are doing is a great way to make that waste valuable again.

As this great company has grown its reputation within the industry and the local community, MGA has been in the background providing insights and technical support. “Any time that we need them, they are there.”

“They are very up on what they do. If any new laws are going to affect us, they’re going to let us know. We have a lot of different needs that require a full-scope firm. Russ and the MGA team are just that. They take care of our business and make sure that we’re legal all the way around.” — Dennis Laviage

As a full-scope accounting and advisory firm, we are here to help you with your unique challenges and needs. Just like Dennis, we will have your back as you grow your business. You will always get a timely response from our team of experts.

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Roy Marsh: An Entrepreneur’s Success Story

Roy Marsh: An Entrepreneur's Success Story

Roy Marsh has been a successful entrepreneur for more than 20 years, and we at MGA are proud to have been his trusted partners along the way.

Roy and his business partner started using MGA as a Russ Miller client when they were in their pager and cell phone business days. Then, they transitioned to offering dial-up internet services followed by dedicated hosting. You can well imagine how they adjusted to changes in technology and how people were using that technology. Their entrepreneurial ventures took them into a mortgage company, followed by a home building business, and in 2012 they bought eSigns, an online retailer of custom printed signage, banners, and items used in tradeshow displays.

MGA is more than just their “tax guy.”

Roy served as eSigns’ CFO for four years before assuming duties as its CEO in the spring of 2016 after his brother and business partner suddenly passed away. Russ Miller was one of those first calls, and as Roy puts it, “You need folks along the way — people that can listen and digest and give you a straight answer.” That was his relationship with MGA and “his Russ.”

As a retail e-commerce entrepreneur, Roy knows all about the fast pace of change. It is not very different from the pressures he experienced with pagers and mortgages.

He sees this industry changing bit by bit every hour. As he tells us:

“The rate of change is accelerating as we move forward, and a massive new wave of technology is right around the corner. From a tax and accounting perspective, business owners don’t have the time or capacity to maintain a good handle on what’s to come. That’s why you’ve got to have folks like Russ who are staying up with that rate of change for you.”

That’s why MGA is ready when you are to “think forward,” as Russ always tells us.

At MGA, we aren’t just your tax accountants. We are the people you call to collaborate with about what’s coming next and how to anticipate it — from a tax perspective, yes, but also from a business strategy and technology perspective.

As entrepreneurs at MGA, we understand Roy and his company’s unique needs. We help him do what he does best: find innovative ways to open new markets and create real value.

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